Domain name selection is an important part of creating a successful online presence. If you would like to register a domain name for your new or existing business, kmo is a domain name reseller and can assist you today. Please enter the name you would like to register in the form above and check the availability.

Please note that a .com.au will require a ABN or ACN.

The below outlines the various reasons a business or individual would register a domain name:

Why do I need a Domain name?
You will require a domain name if you plan on having a website or email accounts that are customised to your domain name for example www.mybusiness.com and myname@mybusiness.com.

How will a domain name help me?
Having a domain name allows you to have personalised email accounts, add your domain name to marketing materials and will give your business and overall look of professionalism and trustworthiness.

How to select the best name?
Generally people select the domain name that is the same as their company name. It is a good idea to own the domain name that is the same name as your business. This ensures you protect your brand and stop others from taking that name.

It is also popular to register names that are memorable or signify a specific event.

The domain name I want is taken?
If your domain is taken then you will need to think of an alternative way of incorporating your name. You should look at hyphens, abbreviations, something unique or perhaps adding your location to the domain name.

How to use my domain name?

Registering your domain or domains is the beginning of setting up your email accounts and or website. You will need to select a hosting plan that suits your use and then set your email accounts up and upload any website files if necessary. kmo is available to assist you with the above.

Register your domain name now at the top of the page using the search box.

Your domain is one of the most important pieces of your business. Time and time again we are contacted by businesses that do not know their domain login information because they have registered with a cheap domain company years earlier or someone else did and they do not know who to contact. Register with kmo and be assured that you have a contact point in Australia that can help you.