Small business CMS web design using WordPress

The WordPress content management system is an excellent choice as a small business website platform. It is simple to use and allows you to easily manage pages and blog articles using a simple WYSIWYG editor.

WordPress is currently the most popular CMS/blogging platform, estimated to be powering around a quarter of the websites on the Internet. It has a large developer and designer community ensuring the platform is kept up to date with latest trends in web design.

Like Joomla, you have all the functionality to easily update your own website. WordPress allows for easy management of media including image galleries and video files. It’s plugin system allows for extending a websites’ capabilities beyond its core functions for content management and blogging. Using widget, advanced features can be easily inserted into pages. Social Media is made easy as WordPress provides integration options for many popular social networks.

WordPress Ongoing Support

The web is an ever evolving environment and websites require support and maintenance to remain efficient, secure and compatible with the latest devices and software. The WordPress platform has two major updates each year along with smaller security and critical bug fixes when required. Individual plugins are often updated more frequently and it is recommended that backups are taken beforehand should the update fail or cause unforeseen issues with the website. kmo offers ongoing website support to ensure that necessary patches are applied regularly, safely and with minimal hassle for the website owner.