Mobile devices currently outsell desktop and notebook computers and are often the first choice consumers turn to when conducting web searches. It is predicted that by 2015 small screen devices will soon overtake desktops as the primary way to search and access information online.

Your website therefore needs to be usable with current and future mobile devices to ensure your customers can find you wherever they are. kmo can design your website to automatically display optimised viewing layouts for visitors using smart phones.

We ensure the website is designed for viewing on any iOS, Android, Blackberry or Mobile Windows devices regardless of the screen size with particular attention to how it looks on iPhone, iPad, Nokia, Galaxy and Nexus phone and tablet devices.

We adhere to the W3C Recommendation of Mobile Web Best Practices. The best practices of web application development takes into consideration device capabilities to ensure an optimal user experience and address issues that may affect the overall quality of an application on a mobile device. kmo can design and develop mobile accessible web applications that are available anywhere you are and utilise capabilities such as locality based search and touch interfaces. Please contact us to further discuss the best practice in mobile development and to view the full document outline.

mobile web development and responsive design

Developers face unique challenges when designing for mobile devices. A clear strategy is required to ensure the development is executed correctly for a clear navigational structure and optimised user experience.

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