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Are We There Yet? Responsive Design 4 Years On

Today marks four years since Ethan Marcotte’s seminal piece on responsive web design. Since then user expectations have changed considerably with mobile compatibility being a standard feature rather than an optional extra. Looking back at Ethan’s original article, how far have we come and how much has his original idea been diluted as it has […]


Responsive design or dedicated mobile website

When someone views a website, the device they view the website on changes their experience. For example, when you look at a website on your computer, you see a different version of it than you will if you view the same website on your iPhone. Features may have been stripped down, sidebars removed, and images […]


Web Design – How we are Doing It Wrong and How to Change

There is an emerging design methodology that understands the way web sites have largely been developed up until now has been counter-productive and the process of design first and content later results in sites that value form over functionality and decoration rather than purpose. This concept is Content First and goes hand-in-hand with Mobile First […]

Responsive Design

The term Responsive Design has very quickly become part of the web design conversation and as more high profile sites move from offering separate mobile and desktop sites to embracing the responsive method, it is set to redefine how sites are designed and managed. Responsive Design was first mentioned by Ethan Marcotte writing for AListApart […]


Mobile First

Even since the advent of the iPhone and the revolution in mobile devices that followed, most web designs have continued to follow the pattern of desktop design first and then find a way to make that work nicely on smartphones – if at all. Just over two years ago (in 2010), Luke Wroblewski coined the […]


Pixel-perfect content and layout needs to be discarded

Mobile usage is at an all time high and when you look around and take note, you will see everyone around you is on a mobile device. Standing in the shopping line, on the plane, waiting to be picked up at the cafe; simply everywhere you look mobile devices are being used and yet many […]


The Shift to Mobile

Don’t under estimate the need to ensure your website is compatible for mobile devices.  It has been estimated by industry experts that there will be a 68% increase in mobile data traffic over the next few years. It has also been suggested that accessing the internet via mobile devices will become more popular than traditional […]

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