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How to select the best web design company

No business can stand on its own, meaning that successful businesses must be able to secure the services of the best partners available. One example is the web design and development company, which has become more and more important as business marketing transitions into the Digital Age and away from print and other media. In […]

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Are We There Yet? Responsive Design 4 Years On

Today marks four years since Ethan Marcotte’s seminal piece on responsive web design. Since then user expectations have changed considerably with mobile compatibility being a standard feature rather than an optional extra. Looking back at Ethan’s original article, how far have we come and how much has his original idea been diluted as it has […]

Animation with the Raphaël Javascript Library

Raphaël is a cross-browser JavaScript library for manipulating vector graphics on the web. Vector graphics unlike raster or bitmap based graphics do not suffer from pixelisation or blurriness when resizing in the browser. This makes them useful for reusing the same graphic object across different display devices. Raphaël works with the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format developed […]

How to Create an Exceptional User Experience on your website

When a visitor lands on your website, it represents the fulfilment of the time, effort and money you’ve put in to the website design to attract them to it. Once they arrive you don’t want your website visitors to feel alienated, confused, lost or annoyed so creating an exceptional user experience will pay dividends for […]

The difference between a web designer and web developer

No matter how tempting it is to refer to website designer and website developer as the same job, they cannot be deemed such. Website developers and website designers work on the same team, but they have vastly different roles. One makes a website run and the other makes it look beautiful. Website Developer Website developers […]