Is your website damaging your business

Marketing is a chance for your business to show that you can deliver on your promises to your clients. If your website continues to use a dated design, then that sign of outdatedness will stain the rest of your interactions. In the worst case scenario, a browser will not show an outdated website in the […]

Are You Losing Sales? Check Now With This Customer Journey Map.

Do you know what your customers really want? We’re not talking about your services or products, but the experience and emotions they get from dealing with your business. And do you know how they feel when interacting with your competitors? Is there a difference, and if so, what is it? In this article we’re going […]

web design trends 2015

Web design trends for 2015

Web design is a vibrant industry that is constantly evolving to connect with people in new and meaningful ways. Responsive design and intuitive interfaces are essential aspects to the modern web, and websites with rich media content and unique navigation menus are becoming the norm. Here are 5 web design trends you can expect to […]

selecting best web company banner

How to select the best web design company

No business can stand on its own, meaning that successful businesses must be able to secure the services of the best partners available. One example is the web design and development company, which has become more and more important as business marketing transitions into the Digital Age and away from print and other media. In […]

What Is WordPress and Is It a Good Option for a Business Website?

When you’re thinking about setting up a website for your business, sometimes it’s hard to know which path to take. Between the designers, and the developers, and all of the platforms out there, figuring out what works isn’t always easy. One platform that gets brought up time and time again is WordPress. What Is WordPress? […]

responsive layout

Are We There Yet? Responsive Design 4 Years On

Today marks four years since Ethan Marcotte’s seminal piece on responsive web design. Since then user expectations have changed considerably with mobile compatibility being a standard feature rather than an optional extra. Looking back at Ethan’s original article, how far have we come and how much has his original idea been diluted as it has […]

Animation with the Raphaël Javascript Library

Raphaël is a cross-browser JavaScript library for manipulating vector graphics on the web. Vector graphics unlike raster or bitmap based graphics do not suffer from pixelisation or blurriness when resizing in the browser. This makes them useful for reusing the same graphic object across different display devices. Raphaël works with the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format developed […]

web animation image

Web Animation

When Apple announced that it would not be supporting Flash on the iPhone and iPad, it signaled the end of the technology that had powered interactive graphics, video and animation in websites since the 90’s. This immediately created a technological gap and alternative technologies are racing to fill the void. A number of technologies have […]

top web trends for 2014

Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2014

Simplicity With the release of iOS 7 and Windows 8, flat minimalist design has become the normal and websites will increasingly follow this design trend towards simplicity. Flat designs are minimalistic and spacious by design and refrain from overt embellishments such as the recent ribbon and fabric trend and polymorphism where an interface is made […]