The difference between a web designer and web developer

No matter how tempting it is to refer to website designer and website developer as the same job, they cannot be deemed such. Website developers and website designers work on the same team, but they have vastly different roles. One makes a website run and the other makes it look beautiful. Web Developer Website developers […]

Back to basics – Structuring your website navigation

What city would you rather drive: Brisbane or Melbourne? You will probably prefer Melbourne, because the city is laid out in a grid with logical street names. On the other hand, Brisbane is not. The same things that make a city easier to drive also applies to websites. If a website has unclear, complicated and unpredictable navigation, the […]


Responsive design or dedicated mobile website

When someone views a website, the device they view the website on changes their experience. For example, when you look at a website on your computer, you see a different version of it than you will if you view the same website on your iPhone. Features may have been stripped down, sidebars removed, and images […]

Video to Engage Online Visitors

Information is one of the world’s biggest commodities today. It comes at us even when we’re not looking for it in the form of TV ads, billboards and magazine covers at the checkout. But when we are looking for it, we are often spoilt for choice as to the way we receive it. You’ve probably […]


10 Steps to Selling Successfully Online

Selling products online has become a boom industry and whilst there is the excitement of being part of a massive worldwide trend, competition is fierce and you have to take advantage of any opportunity to position your online store ahead of many, many others. The following 10 steps to selling successfully online will provide inspiration […]


Web Design – How we are Doing It Wrong and How to Change

There is an emerging design methodology that understands the way web sites have largely been developed up until now has been counter-productive and the process of design first and content later results in sites that value form over functionality and decoration rather than purpose. This concept is Content First and goes hand-in-hand with Mobile First […]

Key questions to consider when developing your website

When thinking about your new website there are a number of things to consider. Some of the key questions to think about and answer before the development may include: What is the challenge your company faces ? What would you like the website to achieve? What will be your call to actions? Can the company […]

Your Website is a Business Investment, Not an Expense

Every dollar you spend on your business is a deductible expense, but not every expense is an investment in the growth and success of your business. A website – your business’s online presence – is an absolute must-have in today’s digital world. Without it, you face an uphill battle to be found by prospects and […]

Why Businesses Need to Consistently Work on Their Online Presence

Now that your business has a website, it may surprise you to learn that it needs to be maintained. Think of it as a shopfront or an office in the main street of the CBD. You’ve built your virtual premises and invested good money in it. Now you need to keep its appearance up to […]

Does Your Website Tell Visitors Where To Go?

What is a call to action? You’ve seen them on TV ads: Call now! Don’t delay! Buy one, get one free! You’ve seen them in the newspaper: Enrol today! Enter our competition and win! Write a letter to the Editor These commands are practically irresistible. Consciously we think we can make up our own minds, […]

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