Your Website is a Business Investment, Not an Expense

Every dollar you spend on your business is a deductible expense, but not every expense is an investment in the growth and success of your business. A website – your business’s online presence – is an absolute must-have in today’s digital world. Without it, you face an uphill battle to be found by prospects and you position your business at the bottom of the heap of potential companies they will consider.

Why you need to get online … now!
If you don’t already have a business website then it’s time you gave serious consideration to the idea. How many times have you researched online a company you might want to use, to find out who they are, what services they offer and where they’re located? This is exactly what your potential customers will try to do to find you!

Without a website, you’re not even in the game
One very valuable benefit for having your own business website is that it increases your credibility amongst your competitors. Without a website, you cannot be compared. Yours could be the company with the best prices, the best customer service, the best parking facilities and the best products in town. But how will anyone know if they can’t look you up online? With the price of petrol skyrocketing and the frustrating volumes of traffic on the roads only increasing, consumers are doing their research at home before venturing out into the real world. And sometimes, they are shopping online instead of ‘out there’.
The sooner you build your business’s website, the more ready you will be for a time when your customers will do more than simply enquire online.

Think of your website like a real location
Just as you wouldn’t allow dirty shopfront windows or outdated signage to sully the appearance of your bricks and mortar premises, your website should also be maintained and kept up to date. In fact, your business website provides an outstanding opportunity to keep prospects and customers in the know about your latest specials and other important information.

Another significant marketing opportunity
You’ve probably done letterbox drops, placed ads in the local newspaper, used Yellow Pages advertising and perhaps even employed a mascot to parade around in front of your store. Your business website opens up a whole new arena of marketing. Once you’re online, you can now promote your business to more prospects than was ever possible with just a real world shopfront. And you can reach them more efficiently, faster … and before your competition does!

Having a business website is a game changer. As previously mentioned, it is an investment, and it’s one that costs considerably less than the losses you could make by not having one.


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