The Shift to Mobile

Don’t under estimate the need to ensure your website is compatible for mobile devices.  It has been estimated by industry experts that there will be a 68% increase in mobile data traffic over the next few years. It has also been suggested that accessing the internet via mobile devices will become more popular than traditional […]

The Importance of Good Copy on Your Website

Picture this. You’re travelling down a highway en route to an important event and there are beautiful, eye catching signs paced about a kilometre apart. Sure, they look pretty but are they going to help you find your destination? Not without the right words! Similarly, your website could feature all the latest bells and whistles, […]

Common Website Dislikes

In my ten years of working within the web development industry, I have never meet a client that has not requested their site be simple and clean. There a common elements that all of the people I have worked with dislike and below I have outlined just a few of the main ones. Common Website […]


What is locality based search?

Locality based search refers to a search that returns results to the user based on their location. Locality based searches are becoming a popular way to return the viewer more relevant searches based on their location at the time. It is native to mobiles and modern browsers all support the HTML5 Geolocation API that allows […]

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