The Importance of Good Copy on Your Website

Picture this. You’re travelling down a highway en route to an important event and there are beautiful, eye catching signs paced about a kilometre apart. Sure, they look pretty but are they going to help you find your destination? Not without the right words!

Similarly, your website could feature all the latest bells and whistles, look fantastic and even be easy to navigate. But are your visitors going to be interested in what your business offers if the content is boring, unengaging or confusing? Unlikely.

Website content is often a vastly underestimated element of a business’s online presence. No matter the size of your business, you simply cannot afford to have poorly written copy.

A road fraught with hazards
The copy on your website is what will help sell a prospect on your goods or services.

  • If the copy is written poorly with loads of typos, spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors, it’ll be difficult to read and will damage your business’s credibility.
  • If your website content is too self-focused – that is, written more about you and less concerned with what you can do for your customer – then your readers will promptly switch off.
  •  If the copy fails to address customer needs and how you can solve them, then really, what’s the point?
  • What if your copy sells prospects on the need for what you do but not on your business as the provider? Then you’re sending your hard-won prospects to your competitors!!
  • Good copy is an investment


Well written website content can deliver a noticeable difference to your bottom line. Bad website content is similar to you standing outside your shop or office, waving to passersby but never inviting them in to take a closer look. But good, powerful web copy can do the following:

  • Attract more traffic to your site
  • Create a need in prospects’ minds
  • Articulate your offering
  • Compel the reader to act (buy, enquire or subscribe)


You’ve invested good money in your website design and functionality. Don’t skimp on the words because like the highway signs, without them, no one gets anywhere.


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