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Let’s face it: not all websites are made equal. Some are great, some are good enough, and some are unfortunately, quite poor. When it comes to creating a new website, whether to replacing an old one or a new one to launch your business, you want to be in the first category – not the last one. This is what you need to know in order to hire the perfect web designer for your needs.

Look Past the Surface

Like every industry there are a number of web designers in Brisbane offering services. Often, anyone with any kind of ability to use design software will often advertise themselves as a web designer, even if building a true website isn’t exactly a focus. However, many of these individuals aren’t developers.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – some companies may be  fine with that standard. However, if you’re looking for an experienced website developer, you want someone who can build you a custom site without relying on pre-built themes.

When vetting your options, be sure to ask specific questions about their approach to design, design languages, prior work, and capabilities. Request to see a portfolio of past projects, both to evaluate skill and to better understand what is possible. If you don’t see designs you like, or you’re not confident in a web designer’s ability to create a great site from the ground up, feel free to move on to other options.

Know What You Need

Websites aren’t one-size-fits-all assets; instead, a good site should be customised to your unique needs and preferences. And, to accomplish this, you need to know what these are.

Before starting to collect quotes from web developers, take a step back and create a game plan for what you want to see, what features you want to showcase, the look and feel you’d like to capture, and any other details that could be relevant to the development process. With these facts in mind, you can begin to vet developers based on their ability to meet your unique business needs rather than more general overarching abilities. If you find someone who is pushy and aggressive, or who tries to change your mind about the features you believe your site needs, continue your search elsewhere.

Create Long-Term Partnerships

A good website isn’t a one-and-done project. From new information and updates to major and minor design adjustments, your website is more like an ever-evolving organism than a static piece of art. As such, it’s important to find a website designer that can accommodate your needs currently as well as years down the road.

A good support team for your website should be a partner in your business – someone you can turn to when there are issues or talk with when you have new ideas for features or marketing opportunities. Further, your development resources should also be able to turn to you when there are topical changes in the industry that may affect the performance of your site. You should be very comfortable speaking candidly and openly with the designer or design team you choose, both during the design phase and the maintenance phase.

Plan for the Future, Not the Past

Many business owners prioritise what matters now, like which SEO strategies see the best results or what site features resonate best with users. While this is certainly important, the future is arguably more so. If your site sits stagnant for years without taking advantage of changing trends, you’re likely to fall behind your competition sooner or later. For this reason, it’s always best to partner with a web design company that understands both what matters today and is willing to embrace strategies that will help advance your future tomorrow.

Without the ability to capitalise on new opportunities, it’s hard to stay competitive. As such, be sure the developers you’re considering have evidence of incorporating changing technologies and are eager to help you keep your site ahead of the curve.

Read Reviews

A failed website design can have lasting implications, particularly if you have a designer who isn’t interested in meeting your needs or ensuring your site provides a great user experience. Instead, do your due diligence. Read reviews, talk to others in your industry about their experiences, and go over all questions and concerns you have with every developer you speak to. The more time and energy you dedicate to finding the right fit, the better positioned you will be for success.

Choosing a website designer is an important task, and one you shouldn’t take lightly. Read Reviews and go with someone you feel you can easily communicate with long term.

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