Measuring ROI for Online Advertising


When measuring return on investment (ROI) on your online advertising, various factors should be considered. Quick sales is not the only indicator that online advertising is working  and all of the website call to actions should be considered a part of the overall campaign and ROI.

Your online marketing strategy should work to increase the overall company brand visibility and interactions rather than just instant sales. The campaign should work to builds relationships, loyalty, interaction, brand awareness, leads and sales.

Actives measured may include:

  • Online form filled in by visitors
  • Visitors Signing up
  • Portfolio Views
  • Read Testimonials
  • Use of Promo codes distributed online
  • Visitors reading blog articles
  • Increase in overall SEO
  • Sales & more

Small to Medium businesses need to consider how effective online marketing really is and stop valuing it based solely on immediate sales, rather think of it as a long term plan. With insight and strategy your efforts will go a long way to increase your overall return on investment.

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