Pros and cons of using WordPress


As great and popular as WordPress is, it does have limitations and potential issues that people need to be aware of. Here are some of the good, the bad and the downright ugly things about WordPress.

The Good
The best part of using WordPress comes down to one very simple thing. As the most popular free open source CMS software there have been more hours invested in its overall development than probably most other platform in existence.

This means it:

Is continually being updated to offer more functionality, without the need to pay for custom development.

Has millions of tutorials and how to guides to teach you the ins and outs of anything you might want to do.

Isn’t likely to be going anywhere soon.

The Bad…
The things that make WordPress valuable for those developing their own website are also the same things that create some of its biggest problems.

Finding up-to-date plugins and themes can be time consuming since there are so many old ones out there.

A great number of the tutorials that are available are inadequate or contain inaccurate information for the current edition of WordPress.

Technical support comes from the community at large and can be spotty at times.

Being optimized for smaller sites and amateur bloggers, it is not well suited to large sites with a great deal of data, high page count.

WordPress has security issues that users must be aware of and stay on top of. Being one of the most popular software platforms for building a website and such a dominate force on the Internet, makes WP a natural target for hackers, phishers and spammers.

In essence, every time WordPress has an issue, your site could be affected within hours.

If the programmer of the core system or even a plugin didn’t validate user input correctly, then code could be inserted into posts or pages to trigger whenever a visitor arrives or worse when the website admin logs in compromising the whole website.

Overall WordPress is a powerful platform, if you partner with a good web developer, for the user needing a small to medium sized website, even though there are some issues that you must be aware of. For its intended purpose, it is top of the line, but for obvious reasons it isn’t the best choice for larger e-commerce sites.

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