So Many Experts

Social Media has been the buzz word for quite sometimes and every event throughout the country seems to have a “Social Media Expert”. Given the infancy of social media itself it can be difficult to know who really is an expert and who is not.

Typically, if someone tells you of overnight success or offers advice with no real strategy behind it, be very wary. Be careful of the “I have a friend “ ”My Neighbour… “ comments; remember this is your business in a very public space and you do not want to get it wrong due to mismanagement and poor advice from someone who knows how to setup a face book business page.

While social media can offer huge benefits and great reward, the path to the success is more often than not a long one filled with lots of hard work and long term dedication. You will possibly need to engage the use of a reputable professional to get started.

It is important, as with any project, to consider the right social media outlet for your business. Think about this for some time and do your research before you just signup and start. Not every social media platform is necessarily for you. Select the platform that best suits your business and your purpose for engaging social media.

One quick tip…. try not to write one piece and send it out via all platforms, it will always result in at least one audience receiving incorrectly targeted information.

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