What is the best day to send email newsletters

People often ask: “what is the best day of the week to send our email newsletters”. In short, there is not necessarily a clear cut “best day” to send, however there may be days that may not necessarily work as well for your business.

The best day to send newsletters can very much depends on the type of business you have. For example, a day that works well for retail may not work so well for entertainment or professional services. Retail companies will often send emails on a Thursday as it is traditionally pay day. Friday, may work well for bars, restaurants and entertainment venues as potential customers plan out their weekend. Saturday can also be a good day for these types of industries and with a lower volume of mail appearing in customers’ inboxes, it helps your email stand out from the crowd.

For a lot of businesses, feedback suggests that Monday can be a low engagement day. Possibly due to office staff getting on top of the week and organising what needs to be done. Tuesday And Wednesday are very popular and seem to have a high engagement.

As with any form of online marketing, you should always ensure you monitor your analytics to see what days work best for your business rather than rely on overall statistics drawn from many industries. Most email newsletter systems allow you to split or segment your mailing list so you send a newsletter to different subscribers on different days and test and compare the results. They will generally provide you with a clear summary of email opens and clicked links for each day and can be integrated with Google Analytics to ensure the best possible ROI is achieved.

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