What Is WordPress and Is It a Good Option for a Business Website?

When you’re thinking about setting up a website for your business, sometimes it’s hard to know which path to take. Between the designers, and the developers, and all of the platforms out there, figuring out what works isn’t always easy. One platform that gets brought up time and time again is WordPress.

What Is WordPress?
WordPress is a Content Management System or CMS. Basically, it is a system that allows you to publish your website and information about your business on the Internet.

Historically, WordPress started out as just a blogging platform. However, over time it developed into one of the most robust content management systems available for small and large-scale businesses alike.

Is WordPress a Good Option for a Business Website?
Whether you have a large or small business, WordPress is a great option for your business website. It offers you everything you need to create a dynamic digital site. Some of the great features that make this robust CMS perfect for business websites are:

It’s Constantly Updated and Supported – The core development team are constantly working on new features and fixing any issues so the system is constantly improving. They also offer great community support through their forums.

It’s User-Friendly and Easy-To-Learn – The most amazing thing about WordPress is that you don’t need to know anything about website development to use it. One the site is complete, you can access the backend and make updates.

It’s Open Source and Completely Modifiable – WordPress can be changed in how it looks and functions to match your brand and specific requirements. It can be even used as the base platform for a web application.

Tons of Great Plug-Ins – If there’s a feature you need for your site, chances are that there’s a plug-in for it. You can find plug-ins for testimonials, portfolios, SEO, security, site backups, sharing buttons, setting up different sidebars for different pages and so on. Basically, you can add anything you want in a few seconds with the click of a button.

It’s Search Engine Friendly – No matter what type of business you have, SEO is very important, and WordPress is ready. However, regardless of the design you choose, there are great SEO plug-ins that will help you rate higher in the SERPs.

When you’re trying to figure out which path to take for setting up your business website, you need to choose something that is easy to use, and has a lot of support and functionality. Whether you need a photography website, a simple add to cart site or anything in between, WordPress could possible be a good solution for your business.

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