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What Is Paid Social Media Marketing?

With over 10 years of history in the digital marketing space, most businesses of all sizes recognise the importance of a robust social media presence. One of the largest advantages of social media for many companies, particularly small operations with a limited budget for marketing, is the free nature of registration. However, taking the next […]


Creating a user persona to improve user experience and website conversions.

In creating an effective web design strategy, it’s critically important to know your users. Everything from age range to geographic location can affect how content is received and processed, so the same platform may not necessarily resonate the same with college students as with middle-aged parents. While it’s easy to guess at what will work […]


What you need to know about WordPress

Ever since its inception in the year 2003, WordPress has grown into one of the most popular web design platforms in the world. It is a fantastic tool, that opens the door to a wide range of possibilities. More importantly, once your design has been implemented, it is easy to make content changes yourself, and […]

whats the difference-between-a-web-designer and a web developer

Web design, web development, UI and UX: What actually is the difference?

Language is a wonderful thing. Social scientists tell us that it was when we began to use sounds and gestures to convey messages that we truly began to become civilised. The problem is that as our world has become more specialised, language has become divisive rather than unifying. It seems that every field has its […]


What is user experience and why is it important

User experience, often referred to as UX within the industry, can be defined in its broadest sense as all of the emotions and feelings you have when you interact with literally anything or anyone in the world. Most people think of it in terms of using technological devices like their smartphones, tablets or websites but […]

Best Web Design Techniques-To-Help-Your-Digital Marketing Campaigns

Best Web Design Techniques To Help Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Succeed

For most small businesses looking to get ahead in the digital space, web design is often an afterthought, placed far down the list behind things like beefing up content or setting up social media pages. Unfortunately, this attitude can be a mistake. Your web design can be a central aspect of your digital marketing strategy, […]

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How Much Does a Website Cost?

In today’s market, having a professional and versatile website that sells for your business is a must for most entrepreneurs and companies. A good website can provide many positive outcomes for businesses, including: more sales; better branding; and higher rates of user engagements. For this reason, it is not surprising to see that companies, entrepreneurs […]

web design trends for-2019

Web design trends for 2019

What can we expect from the new year? Keep reading to learn more. The new year is settling in rather fast. With the holidays behind, many industry experts are already talking about the most common web design trends of 2019. The most intriguing development in the world of design actually continues right where 2018 left […]


Is your website damaging your business

Marketing is a chance for your business to show that you can deliver on your promises to your clients. If your website continues to use a dated design, then that sign of outdatedness will stain the rest of your interactions. In the worst case scenario, a browser will not show an outdated website in the […]


Are You Losing Sales? Check Now With This Customer Journey Map.

Do you know what your customers really want? We’re not talking about your services or products, but the experience and emotions they get from dealing with your business. And do you know how they feel when interacting with your competitors? Is there a difference, and if so, what is it? In this article we’re going […]

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